Yoga, Exercise Rehab & Stretch Therapy

Spinal Connection Yoga Classes

One of the many benefits of a regular yoga routine is improved functional range of motion across the whole body. Greater flexibility and agility can prevent or reduce the likelihood of spine injuries and chronic pain.

Spinal Connection Yoga InstructionGroup Yoga Classes

Monday Foam Rolling & Mobility Class

This class offers a combination of stretching techniques to improve your overall flexibility and mobility in your body. Includes the technique called: Foam Rolling (self myo-fascial release). Foam rolling helps release tension in the muscles and the surrounding tissue known as fascia, and allows for better blood flow to the muscle. By using your own body weight and a cylindrical foam roller you can perform a self-massage to help break up trigger points, and soothe tight fascia. Please bring your own mat or towel. Foam rollers are provided for this class. This class is great for beginners or anyone looking to gain flexibility while in a relaxing environment.

Wednesday Yoga Class

Ideal for anyone new to yoga or experienced yogis. Combination of Vinyasa style connecting one breath to one movement and standing postures to focus on balance & alignment. This sequence will help you build strength, increase flexibility and find focus. It is moderately paced so that you will learn the fundamental postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice. 

Thursday Yoga 101 Class

Yoga 101 is a great starter class for anyone who is interested in learning more about yoga or would like a refresher on poses and form. The class format will entail a beginner’s workshop for the first 15-20 minutes, learning the poses and proper structural form. Feel free to ask questions during this time. The remaining time will be spent in yoga practice doing a sequence of the poses you just learned. Come enjoy the open welcoming forum this class will offer!

Private Yoga & Exercise Rehab Sessions

The Spinal Connection Yoga TherapyPrivate yoga gives you the opportunity to experience yoga in a safe and personal way. If you are injured or dealing with a health condition, our focus would be therapeutic yoga & rehabilitation exercises to promote healing. Yoga & rehab therapy is for everyone and can be adapted to meet your needs as you get in touch with your body as it is today, while reducing pain and suffering and improving your quality of life.

Private Yoga Therapy Session
Yoga has traditionally been taught on an individual basis, one teacher to one student. In a private session, we work one-on-one to assess your specific needs and design a therapeutic practice to fit you uniquely. A supportive environment is a great place to grow your yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced yogi who wants to deepen their practice, a one-on-one session is a great option. You will be provided with guidance and adjustments while receiving the full attention and care from your instructor. Private sessions are taught at The Spinal Connection.

Exercise Rehab Session
We will tailor and create a specific exercise plan designed to help you meet your wellness goals. We will focus on exercises or stretches that specifically target the areas that are problematic for you. These exercise programs are effective since they focus on the specific muscles that need either flexibility, stability, strength; or maybe even all three! These sessions are for anyone! If you have poor posture from sitting at a desk all day, exercise and are active, or have an injury that has been causing you pain; the work in our session along with a home exercise program will get you back on track.

Personalized Stretch Therapy Session
Personalized stretching sessions are designed to help you get a better, deeper stretch. During the session, we can also address specific tightness, soreness or muscular imbalances. Our goal is to improve flexibility, enhance movement, reduce pain, and improve quality of life through stretching. If you are a person who avidly works out or spend most of your days sitting, your muscles contract throughout the day. That keeps happening over time and puts pressure on your nerves and bones. Therapist-assisted stretching benefits all ages, all body types, and people engaged in all levels of physical activity. Whether you want to simply relax sore muscles, prevent injury as you train for your next athletic goal, or recover from a recent injury, personalized stretch sessions can benefit you.

“If exercise/movement could be packed in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” -National Institute of Health

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