Yoga & Spine Flexibility Exercises Downward Facing Dog

Yoga & Spine Flexibility Exercises

Cobra Start lying flat on ground, top of feet flat. Palms placed flat on ground at level of ribcage. Elbows slightly bent, kept close to body. Slowly raise your chest. Drawing shoulder blades down, squeeze gluteal muscles together, gaze forward.     Downward Facing Dog Start knees bent, feet shoulder width apart. Palms flat on […]

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Back Spasms

Back spasms can be terribly uncomfortable and are not easily ignored. Sometimes the back muscles tighten and knot up into a spasm that can last for hours and longer. Spasms can force vertebrae out of place which is likely to result in considerable pain. Whether you’re a golfer, office worker or sometime ballroom dancer, you […]

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Numbness, especially in your extremities, can be distressing because we depend so much on our hands and feet. When they don’t work as we expect, we limit our pace of life or curtail activities altogether. Obvious symptoms are loss of or significantly diminished sensation in affected bodily areas. Causes of numbness are many and various, […]

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Dizziness is a common complaint heard by doctors and emergency rooms. There are a variety of descriptions people use, including: The room is spinning uncontrollably around them They feel like they are going to black out They feel “wobbly” when walking Your neck is involved in a lot of important duties, including keeping you upright […]

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Headaches Are Not Normal

Headache In our everyday race to wherever we’re going, the headache is more common than the common cold. Putting up with the occasional headache, or numbing it with over the counter pain killers will not correct underlying problems. Most headaches are not indicative of serious illness, but they can be extremely uncomfortable and account for […]

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Carpal Tunnel

Which came first, stress or carpal tunnel syndrome? While stressed we tend to assume a tense posture, slumped forward, tight jaw and hunched shoulders. Such tense and awkward postures repeated often can result in carpal tunnel symptoms. Of course, carpal tunnel pain is quite stressful in and of itself. One of the best ways to […]

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Stress Management

Stress Related Illness Stress related illness is at an all time high and increasing every year. Are you suffering from any of the myriad symptoms commonly associated with stress? A. Sleeplessness B. Weight gain C. Mood changes D. Hair loss E. Worry F. Agitation The most common sources of stress are said to be: Predisposition […]

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Changing The Definition Of Success, And Why Our Health Depends On It

Arianna Huffington recently co-hosted a conference titled “The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power.” Huffington’s conference suggests that we need a more sustainable definition of success that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder, empathy and the ability to give back, as our survival depends on it—not only as individuals, but on a national and global […]

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[schema type=”product” name=”Juice Plus +” description=”Juice Plus+ clinical research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that Juice Plus helps support heart health, a healthier immune system, and more.” brand=”Juice Plus+” ]CLINICAL RESEARCH: JUICE PLUS+® DELIVERS VITAL FRUIT AND VEGETABLE NUTRITION We want the best fuel for our bodies and fruits and vegetables are recommended choices. […]

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