Back Spasms

Back spasms can be terribly uncomfortable and are not easily ignored. Sometimes the back muscles tighten and knot up into a spasm that can last for hours and longer. Spasms can force vertebrae out of place which is likely to result in considerable pain. Whether you’re a golfer, office worker or sometime ballroom dancer, you may be susceptible to back spasms without adequate stretching and exercise.

Relaxing the spasm and the area around it is necessary to reverse it. Massage therapy can be effective in releasing the surrounding tissues, then reducing the knot and the pain will subside. If this is due to over exertion or simple strain, rest before moving on to strengthening exercises may correct the problem. It’s important to examine the affected areas for problems caused by the back spasm itself. The forces involved in tightening those muscles may also have dislocated bones or nerves that may, in turn, lead to subsequent problems.

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