Meet The Team

Dr. Kathryn Fox, Doctor of Chiropractic


Dr. Katie Fox, co- founder of The Spinal Connection, brings you a contemporary blend of healing disciplines that embody the essence of achieving overall wellness for her clients. She believes one of the key ingredients to reaching our true health potential is that we must be willing to open our minds and focus our energy toward the direction we want our lives to be moving in. Dr. Katie is also a strong supporter of the belief that laughter really is our best medicine for stress reduction.  Since most health conditions we suffer with are aggravated by stress, she recommends at least one good belly laugh per day! When not loving what she does at the Spinal Connection, you can find Dr. Katie spending time outside enjoying sunny San Diego with her family and Boston Terrier, Teddy.

Dr. Katie received her doctorate degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN and also has her undergraduate and master’s degree in exercise science. She is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, San Diego Women’s Networking Group and Greater San Diego Business Association. She also holds training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association. As a chiropractor her clinical expertise includes: structural and functional re-training of the spine, posture therapy, performance enhancement and stress management.

Dr. Alison Adamczyk, Doctor of Chiropractic


Dr. Ali, co-founder of The Spinal Connection brings a healing energy that has taken 10 years to master. Through her years of practice, she has learned that a blend of care is necessary to achieve overall wellness. She believes the body has the ability to heal itself and through team work, we are able to restore the body to optimal health and wellness. Dr. Ali encourages you to be an active member of your health, by participating in home exercise programs, classes and self-development. True health is discovered when the body and mind is open and willing to take an active role.

Dr. Ali started her journey toward chiropractic at the age of 16 after suffering from a car accident causing debilitating migraines. After trying many allopathic methods of care with no improvement, she began working with a chiropractor as a last ditch effort to treat her migraines. It was once she became migraine free when she felt called to work in the healthcare field. She started her training as a massage therapist working under the direction and guidance of her chiropractic mentor, Dr. Jane Petermeier. She began her chiropractic studies at North Dakota State University and graduated with her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis Minnesota. She began her chiropractic career in San Diego CA, at a physical medicine center as the director of chiropractic medicine. She treated a wide range of patients from infants to 90 years old. She has performed over 25,000 adjustments and is grateful to have had such an amazing “hands-on” experience in her previous work position. Dr. Ali is passionate and enthusiastic about introducing chiropractic care to those who have never experienced it. She believes chiropractic care is essential in all stages of life and is a method of healing that will enhance the life you want to live.

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